No on SB 1004

Sponsored bill would keep parents from knowing when children have had abortion.

Sponsored by Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson

This bill would revise California’s existing patient protections to ensure that information about any sensitive services, as defined, is not sent to a third party or a policyholder not authorized to receive it.

This bill expands the definition of “sensitive services” to include services related to mental health, reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, substance abuse disorders, transgender health including gender-affirming care, and intimate partner violence.

Planned Parenthood of California frames its support for this bill as providing patients with greater confidentiality- they explained that when a patient accesses health care for a sensitive service, including sexual and reproductive health care, confidentiality is of the utmost importance.

The California Family Council explained this bill undermines the right of parents to oversee the medical decisions of their own children; and pointed out that this bill does not specify the precise medical procedures that it would keep confidential from parents. They also added that in order to understand which procedures and treatment could be in play, they point to Planned Parenthood clinics in California that have started to aggressively promote- puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones; drugs that will permanently sterilize children.

I do not support SB 1004 and am shocked to read of a group like Planned Parenthood advocating for such drugs that would cause permanent harm like sterilization of children- these people are sick.

It is a power grab over the rights of the parent to make safe and informed decisions about their children’s health

For more information about SB 1004

Contact State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson offices.
April 24, 2020