The Positions I Support:

I am supporting America First 2024, the following listed below will reflect this position.

I will list them in the order that I believe needs to be addressed first


Parents: The most important issue is to give control and authority over your children back to you.

Money given for our children: should follow the children and not the school district, city or county, and you the parent can decide which school- whether private, charter or home school- of your choice which gives the children the best education they can receive.

What is being taught: you the parent should have the final say on what is actually being instructed or taught to the children, not the school boards, city, county or state but you the parent. If you decided you don’t want your children to be exposed to sexual material, engaging in sex talk with teachers or guest adults in the class room, exposed to transgender identity, sex change or woke culture, you shall have the final say on what your children receive.  

You the parent: shall have the final say and decide as to whether the children can get any vaccines- whether mandatory or recommended by doctors, CDC, FDA, Federal Government, state, county, city or local school boards- wearing a mask, or any other medical decision, you the parent will decide and only you.

I support the parent to have full authority of your children and if anyone doesn’t take this position, do not allow them near your children or elect them to any office; they are working against us all.

Closing the border: complete the fence President Trump started- having potential immigrants to stay in Mexico until information is verified and verifying who is in our state and where they came from.

Once we find out who these people are, the criminals should be returned back to their country, those immigrants who are still here, we can think about perhaps making them residents but can never become a citizen or have the right to vote because they did break the law when they came here and did not do it legally. We all will talk about this later.

Voter Identification and paper ballots:  We need to restore our elections back to “Elect Day” and not election cycle as we are now in, such as early voting which starts in May and ends on June 7. We are now seeing how mail in ballots are unsure and cheating occurs massively with such ballots, as in the 2020 elections. If you are not sure about the 2020 election, visit: This is the movie showing how the Democratic Party rigged the  2020 election.

Harvest balloting is legal in California: this is where someone looks at our ballots and if we don’t completely vote for every person or on the issues, like propositions, the person assigned to viewing our ballots can decide how we would have voted and fill it in. This is fraud and actually overturns a legal election and changes the outcome. Again, it may be legal but is unethical and must be stopped.

There are other issues I support, such as:

Reducing government by 20 to 30 percent, not the budget but government itself.

Have Part-time State Assembly and Senate and cutting salaries up to 90 percent similar to what Florida and Texas has this in their states, where the State Assembly and  Senate meet 2 weeks a year and the rest of their time is in the district they represent and they will have to have a job just like the rest of us. In other words, we are taking the power they believe they have and taking it back as ours.

Proposition 13: restoring this proposition back to the original intent when it was first passed and approved by the voters. Let me give you a good example of what the Democrats have done to us. My uncle went home to be with God January of this year, his property taxes were under the original Prop. 13 and if they had left it alone the house my uncle left me, the property taxes should have only jumped up to $1,500 to $2,000 a year from where my uncle’s taxes were but they are being asset to the value as if I just bought the property which means my property taxes are going up to $10,000 to as high as $13,000, in a house that I have lived in since 1970. Thanks to Kevin Mullin and his Proposition 19 and others who helped to pass this and get it on the ballet, this is what they are doing to us. So, if we keep in step with what the Democratic Party says- pay your fair share, then everyone’s property tax should be where mine are. This is why we need to fix this proposition.

Law Enforcement: I fully support all those who represent enforcing the laws and protecing our rights. But there is one more thing I am asking you to consider: If you remember when all the riots were happening, how many Mayors and other city council members were saying “de-fund the police” and what was happening in those cities. I know we were all shocked.

I support dissolving city police departments and folding all city police departments into the Sheriff’s Department and to control all law enforcement under the current elected sheriff’s authority.  This way we will never have to worry about hearing: “de-fund the police” because we the voters elect the sheriff and she/he is not appointed and under the control of someone else. The Sheriff is under the direct control of- we the voters, as it should be.

I can give you a list of other things I would like to address but I believe just giving you what I am supporting helps you to understand my thinking. I will update more information that will help you to consider voting for me in the primary election in March 2024.