The issues I do not support.

I will make this simple: anything the Democratic Party and RINO Republicans support I am against.

The State Assembly and Senate of California are currently (Sept. 2023) considering the following: California Parental Notification Policy (Note to voters/readers- just a reminder of terms: AB = Assembly Bill and SB = Senate Bill. When one sees AB or SB in front of the numbers on a bill- this let’s us know where the bill was created and introduced before being voted on and usually a name in brackets to inform us who supported the bill)

AB957 (Wilson/Wiener) – Parents – Equates “affirmation of child gender transition” directly with a child’s “health, safety and welfare.” Therefore, not affirming child sex change = not acting in line with health, safety or welfare = child abuse. The non-affirming parent will lose custody and, yes, if both refuse to affirm, both can be deemed abusive and lose custody making the child a “ward of the State.” Even parents who are not in a custody dispute will be at risk of being deemed abusive for not affirming a child’s purported desire to change sex. (Update: bill was stopped before governor had a change to sign Monday, Sept. 25, 2023)

AB665 (Carrillo/Wiener) – Parents – Allows random “professional persons” to place children 12+ into residential shelters, based on the child’s “OK” alone, no parental consent or due process, no allegation of any danger whatsoever. (Current law at Family Code section 6924 requires that a child must be in danger – suicidal or victim of abuse/incest – before the child can go into residential shelter. AB665 guts Family Code 6924 to eliminate danger requirement.)  (Update: signed into law Oct. 7, 2023 by governor)

AB1078 (Jackson) – Schools – Newsom, Bonta and Thurmond bullying School Boards. State chooses curriculum, forcing the teaching of CRT, transgenderism, developmentally inappropriate “sex ed” and LGBTQ lessons on districts and students. Strips power from school boards. Schools removing sexually explicit books will be penalized (defunded and fined) and objecting board members doxed. Prohibits the removal of any “inclusive and diverse” material ever; any other materials may only be removed by majority vote of board. (Update: signed into law Monday Sept. 25, 2023 by governor)

SB407 (Wiener) – Parents – Forces foster parents to promise to affirm the “sex change” of any foster child, or be the denied ability to foster. Eliminates over 60% of eligible foster families, and the chance of kids to find “forever” families. Will increase the need for institutional state-run group homes, which are the worst outcomes for the most vulnerable kids. This bill would require a resource family to demonstrate the capacity to meet the needs of a child, regardless of the child’s sexual orientation or gender identity, as specified.” (Update: signed into law Saturday, Sept. 23, 2023 by governor in Sacra-tomato)

SB596 (Portantino)  – Parents – Criminalizes parents who “disrupt” a school board meeting or “harass” school officials, on or off campus, by fining them up to $1,000 and/or 1 year in jail for expressing their anger over indoctrination policies and pornographic books in libraries.

AB223 (Ward) – Parents – Allows an adult to change a minor child’s name, sex ID, and/or gender marker confidentially.  Will help random adults – one parent, “friend,” boyfriend, court-appointed guardian – “erase” children.  The argument of hiding records to prevent bullying of LGBT children upon supposed discovery of their trans identity (by Googling court records—impossible!) is bull-oney.  No child can search public court records.  AB223 helps sex traffickers, or parent absconding with child from another state, to hide the child’s whereabouts. (Update: signed into law Saturday Sept. 23, 2023 by governor)

AB5  (Zbur) – Schools – Forces teachers to learn about transgenderism – but not desistence or detransition – to lie to parents about children presenting on campus as a different gender identity. No training of the dangers of the medicalization/sterilization of children. Teachers will be taught to identify students that might be LGBTQ and come from unsupporting families —- And then what? Call CPS? (Update: signed into law Monday Sept 18, 2023 by governor)

SB760 (Newman) Schools – Forces each school to have “gender-neutral” bathroom – which could be a multiple-stall room.  Placing males and females in the same toileting room will increase sexual assaults at schools. Bathrooms, already the most dangerous place in school, will become even more so. (Update: signed into law Saturday Sept. 23, 2023 by governor)

SB345 (Skinner) Medicine – Makes California a sanctuary for any medical provider providing gender affirming or abortion care in a state where it is illegal. Insulates these providers from investigation, discipline, suit or criminal charges, and gives them a private right of action to sue if investigated, etc. Will allow CA transgender and abortion providers to practice without any oversight or repercussions. (Update: signed into law Sunday Sept. 27, 2023 by governor)

SB487 (Atkins) Insurance – Forces insurance carriers to indemnify doctors who harm gender-confused children with medical and surgical interventions.  Same for abortion doctors. Doctors will be able to irreversibly harm children without penalty. (Update: signed into law Sunday Sept. 27, 2023 by governor)

These bills basically allow the State of California to legally come into your homes and take your children from you IF you as the parent do not agree with your child deciding to change their gender.

These are the stupidest bills I have ever read and can not believe that grown adults actually think these are a good thing especially for children and their health. This is a reckless as allowing boys to decide they are now girls and can use girls restrooms and locker rooms or for that matter think they can complete with young girls and young ladies in any form of event(s) that are designed to encourage biological young girls and ladies personal growth.

I fully oppose boys or men thinking they are born in the wrong body and decide that they are now women and can function in society as though they were born as a biological woman when in fact they were born as a biological man. This is wrong and it needs to be stopped, as well as not being allowed to be taught to our children. This is evil- let’s call it for what it really is.   

AB 969: will ban hand counting of ballots and will require that every county in the state use electronic voting machines. We need to preserve the integrity of our elections and allow each county to determine for themselves how to account for their ballots. Elections should be governed locally and not mandated by the State!

It appears that the Democratic Party wants to control our elections at the state level. Elections are not performed at the state level but are performed at the local level and results sent to the state election office after the counting and verification(s) are performed because this is how elections are safe guarded and fraud is stopped.

By hand counting the ballots we are able to inspect the ballots, ensure that the machines actually counted the votes correctly and to verify the count- did the vote actually go to the person who was receiving the vote. By stopping hand counting and only allow machine counting, this opens the door for inaccurate counting and fraud because no one can actually view or inspect the ballots. This is how elections are rigged and corruption is injected into elections, like mail-in-ballots which are a good example of how elections are rigged and fraud is injected into the election. (Update: signed into law Wednesday, Oct 4, 2023 by governor)

If you want to get involved: call the governor at 1-916-445-2841 during business hours only and inform him you would like these bills stopped, not signed or vetoed.