The issues I do not support.

I will make this simple: anything the Democratic Party and RINO Republicans support I am against.

The following either has been considered or is currently being considered. Everyone needs to know this is happening but no one is talking about them.

(Side note: SB-means Senate Bill / AB means Assembly Bill)

We can see our right to self-govern and free-will are being taken away from us, the question is will we stop it?

For these reasons, I oppose the following in order to maintain our self-governance, individual right and free-will:

AB 2223: allows a mother- or parents- up to 28 days after the birth of a baby to terminate that baby’s life. (What is wrong with these people?  We need to question their morals and values.)

SB 2539: requires proof of vax to enter public/private business.

AB 1993: requires all employees to be vax against C-19

AB 1797: requires changes to California immunization Registry. 

SB 1464: requires law enforcement to enforce public health

AB 2098: reclassify sharing of C-19 misinformation by doctors as unprofessional conduct resulting in disciplinary action.

SB 920 authorizes medical board’s investigators to inspect businesses including patient medical records. (So much for medical records being private- I guess HIPPO doesn’t matter any more)

SB 1100: authorizes members of legislative body to remove an individual for interrupting a meeting. (These people need to reeducate themselves on what The Constitution means!  They do not understand that they work for us.  Surely the population of the entire state of California don’t want this?)

Parents and their children:

SB-145: allows children ages 12 or older- without the parental consent or knowledge- to engage in a relationship with an adult and not have to register as a sex predator that preys upon children. Already signed into law by the Governor.

SB 871: requires all kids to be vax for C-19 public/private. 

SB 866: allows 12 years old or older to consent to vax without parental consent of knowledge

SB 1479: requires schools to continue testing, contract-tracking (meaning where our children go and who they interact with) and quarantine protocols.

These are just some of what the Assembly and Senate here in our golden state are doing, then when one tries to find the truth, misinformation is put out and fact checkers take over and keep this out of our sight.

There are so many other bills they are working on it is a wonder why people are fleeing this state.

The one theme we see them doing to us is attacking our children.

I am against CRT and the book STEPEE being taught to our children as young as first grade. These are racist issues and confuses the children, so why are they doing it? 

I am against transgender being taught in our school or allowing this to be exposed to 5 to 9 year olds. You do not have the right to talk to these children about sexual issues or changing what sex they currently are.

Here is how I believe we can fix this problem quickly: call the county sheriff and have these people arrested for exposing strong sexual material to a minor. Now we understand why they are passing certain legislation, to give all predators’ free access to our children under the guise of education.  

I am against someone who has had a sex change to claim or identify as either a woman or man even though they are the opposite.

I am against transgender people competing in women’s sports.

I am against transgender people using women’s rest rooms or identifying as a woman. You are not. The war on women ends.

Look, I really don’t care what you decide to do to yourself when you are 18, don’t care and I believe most people fall into this category. But you will not teach these issues to our children in school or make it mandatory education. The Parent of that child or children will decide.

I can list a lot more issues but I believe you understand what my positions are from what I have listed. Again, after the June 7 primary I will update my campaign website for the election in November.